Few things are more exciting than the adventure of moving to a new city. The possibilities are endless: There are new opportunities, discoveries to make, new friends, activities, exploring – it’s a big deal and a huge lifestyle change for most people.

One of the things that we’ve learned in our years of playing a role in helping people relocate to Las Vegas is that knowing who to call to set up your initial services, or who to contact for information about moving your business – or even just to know where you’re at (physically) in the Great Scheme of All Things Las Vegas – can be a challenge. Most folks are so busy with the “moving from” part that – once they land at their new home and are standing amid piles of boxes and the oh-so-necessary take-out food containers because you can’t find your dishes yet – that even if you were smart enough to make a list of local services, you probably won’t be able to find that, either.

So we wanted to lend a hand with a brief list of phone numbers and website links to services and agencies that will hopefully come in handy and make your landing in Las Vegas just a little bit softer. Enjoy! (then start unpacking!)

Where Is THAT?

This may be “home” now – but you might not be familiar with general areas of town, at least as it applies to major street names. For example, if you’ve just moved to the area of Wigwam/Pecos in Henderson – you’re not going to want to make a quick trip to the Trader Joe’s on Summa Drive in Summerlin (30 minutes+)


Smartphones and tablets will, of course, make the actual navigating easier – but few things compare to a visual image in your head of the general lay of the land. So here’s a map of neighborhoods/districts in Las Vegas you can click on to download (for everyone’s use).

My Internet Isn’t Working!

You planned ahead and got all those services turned on for your arrival – but argh – something’s not working right. No worries – here are a few handy phone numbers to help out with that:


NV Energy – (702) 402-5555


Southwest Gas – (877) 860-6020


Las Vegas Valley Water District – (702) 870-4194

City of Henderson – (702) 267-5900

Trash Pick-up and Recycling

Republic Services – (877) 692-9729


AT&T – (800) 288-2020

CenturyLink – (855) 524-0369

Cox Communications – (866) 961-0027

Equiinet – (702) 789-6001

Nextiva – (800) 799-0600

Sprint – (866) 275-1411

Verizon Wireless – (800) 922-0204

Internet / Cable TV / Satellite TV

CenturyLink – (855) 524-0369

Cox Communications – (866) 961-0027

DirecTV – (855) 838-4388

Dish TV – (855) 839-589

You’ve Got 30 Days . . .

To get your new resident driver’s license and vehicle registration transferred. So – where do you go and what do you need for THAT? Here’s a hint:

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Office locations

Driver’s License Information

Vehicle Registration Information


Business Contact Information

Are you planning to run a business in Clark County? Or Henderson? Or Las Vegas? Or North Las Vegas? Most people think you move to Las Vegas, and it’s a simple one-stop process to get your company up and running – but it’s a bit more confusing than that. So we’ll start you off with some basic information – and depending on your specific needs, these entities should be able to point you in the right direction and help you get the ball in motion.

Determine Your Business Jurisdiction for Licensing

Nevada State Business License

Secretary of State – Visit their website here for a list of FAQ’s

City of Las Vegas

Starting a business in Nevada

City of Henderson

Business License General Description

City of North Las Vegas

Business License

Clark County, Nevada

Fictitious Firm Name Registration

Business License FAQ’s

Nevada Department of Taxation

Information about Nevada’s Taxes and The Department

Goodness knows there are going to be many more adventures and plenty of errands to run – so enjoy the journey. You’re about to explore all the things that we Nevadans already know make Las Vegas a great place to live. Welcome home!

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