image003For those who have lived in Las Vegas for longer than, oh, say 15 minutes, you’ve probably heard the question before from your friends and family: “So, which hotel do you live in?” Sigh.

Hard to believe, but we still hear it today (even though you have to admit our housing industry did happen to make a lot of headlines over the past few years . . . let’s put 2+2 together, folks!). Then again, for many of us, living in Las Vegas is a little bit like a best-kept secret . So it’s not altogether bad that we still hold a few of those secrets close and choose to share them only with those we’d like to actually become our neighbors here in Southern Nevada.

So, at the risk of word getting out, we’d like to list a few of our favorite things about living in Las Vegas. Such as:

How’s the Weather?

We don’t even have to look out the window to see what the weather’s like. Because we can just make the assumption pretty much every day of the year it’s going to be sunny with blue skies. Perhaps what we like the best about this part is that here in Las Vegas, you don’t have to plan your day around the weather. Wherever you wanted to go, whatever you were planning to do today – go for it! Because 99 times out of 100, it’s going to be gorgeous outside.

We Really Do Live Like Normal People.

We have great schools, and excellent sports programs for virtually every age group. We enjoy world-class shopping (okay, that one might be a Vegas exclusive). Our city is filled with top industrial and business organizations where diverse employment opportunities are available. (In fact, we’ve got it a lot better here than many other cities, when you think about it.) We’re a community that gives back to our people – through multiple volunteer organizations. There’s probably not a church that isn’t represented in Las Vegas (or if there is, we’d be surprised). Some of the finest dining opportunities in the world are right in our back yard (for those special occasions). And speaking for those of us with pets – we really appreciate fact that the environment means the lack of fleas and ticks! (as well as many other insects that can really ‘bug’ you in other cities.).

There’s Never A Reason To Be Bored

If you’re in Las Vegas – either as a visitor or a resident – that weather we mentioned above? It means that you can find things to do and activities to enjoy in virtually every genre of relaxation, culture, or adventure. Naturally, the first thing one thinks of is wealth of entertainment options ranging from small clubs to major hotel stages, and on to stadium-size venues. Music, magic, comedy, drama, Broadway productions – we have it all right here. (You know, the place most other people dream about traveling to for such things!) And that doesn’t even touch on the art exhibitions and traveling cultural events; the world-class meal experiences; the thrill rides; the local outdoor recreation (such as Lake Mead, Red Rock, and Mt. Charleston); major events (NASCAR and NFR, anyone?) and engineering landmarks like Hoover Dam (along with, some might say, a few of our more creative hotels). Add in some world-class championship golf courses, and you’ve got the makings for – well – a real live city. Right here in Nevada.

Of course, those are only the very tip of the iceberg as to what makes living in Las Vegas desirable to so many. There are books written about all that the Las Vegas lifestyle has to offer that are sure to include your favorite activities. But even so, there’s always something new on the horizon – creativity is never in short supply in this town. But whatever your reasons are for living in Las Vegas, one thing is for sure: You’re never going to have an excuse to be bored!

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