logoYou know how sometimes you just need a change? And not just a personal change – but sometimes for your business, too. Especially if your business is in Las Vegas, because there’s always something new happening in this city – and the real estate market is no exception. At New Home Resource, we thought it was time for us to mix things up a bit– and the next thing you know, “Voila!” We have a whole new look for our website!

But not just a new look – a whole new way to navigate to find the things you need. Like what? Well, we thought you’d never ask! Allow us to give you a guided tour:

Easier to Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

• Search our gorgeous current New Home Resource property listings
Search the MLS listings through our site
Inquire about the value of your existing home
• Learn more about our stellar Property Management Services

Easier to Learn About Us

• You should want to know more about the people you’re doing business with. Fortunately, we’re not shy – we’re happy to tell you who we are, our experience, how to contact us, and let you know where to find us on Facebook, too.
• See what our customers have to say about New Home Resource on our Testimonials page. (May as well put your feet up, because there’s lots of reading to do!)

Helpful Information About Buying, Selling, Leasing, Owning, and Enjoying Your Home

• In our blog articles, we cover pretty much every topic from the local housing market to what to look for in a Realtor, how to shop for a mortgage lender, information for keeping your home maintained, insider tips for both buyers and sellers, statistics, interior design, landscaping, holiday décor, great recipes . . . you name it, and we’ve probably written about it. (Anything you’d like to see that we don’t have? Just send your topic suggestion to Joanna@NewHomeResource.com – we’ll be happy to explore it!)

Our goal – as always – is to make reaching your real estate goals – whether buying, selling, or renting – as smooth and worry-free as possible. We think our website now does a better job of reflecting that goal, too.

For more information about how New Home Resource may be the perfect match for your real estate needs, give us a call as 702.365.1000. Or <nudge/wink!> – you can visit our new website, too!

New Home Resource helps current and future homeowners with all of their Las Vegas real estate needs. Whether your preference is for property management, a newly built home from a local builder, or a resale property in just the right location, a New Home Resource Realtor® is here to provide just the service you’re looking for. Please contact a New Home Resource Realtor® today at 702-365-1000 or at www.newhomeresource.com. Broker Joanna Piette, and agents Denise Moreno Thrasher, Jessica O’Brien, Evelyn ‘Beng’ Kern, and Kathy Paterniti are all here to help!